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Mathematics Problem Solution

UVa Mathematics Problem Solution are more than easy to solve than Other UVa problem categories.Some ad hoc problems also included under this  categories.Most common mathematics problem are like: Number Systems or Sequences ,  Finding Prime Factors,Factorial,FibonacciNumbers,Prime Numbers, Cycle-Finding,GCD and/or LCM, Logarithm, Exponentiation, Power,and Other Number Theory Problems. Normally most UVa Mathematics Problem Solution are easy and can be solved by previous knowledge.  But be […]

Hajee Danesh (HSTU) University Admission Test Result 2014-15h

Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University Admission Test Result 2014-15, will be published soon. This year Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science & Technology University admission test for the acedemic session 2014-15 held on  at 2-4 November 2014.The admission test was held in MCQ system .HSTU admission test candidates were waiting for Hajee Danesh (HSTU) […] National University admission test 2013 |

National University honours first year admission test 2013-2014           National University honours first year admission test 2013-2014 information will be found here. National University is the largest university in Bangladesh which is situated in thousands of colleges around the country.   Admission test exam in honours first year 2013-2014 in National University will […]

Jagannath University Admission Notice 2013-2014 |

Somedays ago Jagannath University Admission Notice for the session  2013 2014  has been published for all of the candidates who are want to admitted into Jagannath University Dhaka for undergraduate degree.This year Jagannath University Admission test exam and admission application submission procedure for the undergraduate degree and BBA will be started from 13th September and will be continue […]

what is Computer Software

Software can be defined in the following ways:   Computer software, or just software, is an any set of machine-readable instructions that directs a computer’s processor to perform specific operations. It is a program that tells a computer what to do. Software, is a collection of programs that includes some input and outputs interface. Software is a […] © 2017