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PHP Variables And Strings

  PHP Variables are an essential element in php programming . An efficient way for storing data or information  in  the content of the PHP code are done by using Variable. PHP variable are also use in  condition checking, looping and  branching. Dear learner in this tutorial  i discussed details about PHP variables.  I Hope […]

CSS List Styling

List  is an important element in web design. List can be modified by css list styling properties. Dear, reader here,i will discuss how to styling list by css property that will be helpful for your better experience in the field of css3. CSS List are given below: List may be following three types:

Token in C ++

In every human language, there are some grammatical rules to write something. Like human language, C++ has some rules to write code properly. These rules are known as token. Dear reader, Here you can know details about various c++ token that are essential  when you write a c++ program. There are six types of token […]

C Data Types

Data Types  which are an  important components in C programming. A variable that can only hold a data but data type defines what kinds of  data a variable hold. . without data  type a variable  have no value in c program. Dear reader, here i will discuss details about  c programming variable  that will be helpful for your learning c  programming. C Data Types : In […]

Java Operators,Operands and expression

JAVA Operators , Operands and Expression  are the sets of components that  perform some special task in the java programming.  For example : An assignment operator  the equals sign ( = ) is use to assign a value to a variable.which is known as assignment operator. We use a multiplication sign ( * ) to multiply two number together and   it is known as an arithmetic operator. Operands: Operator can’t  […] © 2017