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Dhaka University Admission Test 2013-2014

Dhaka university Admission test date and time schedule has been published for 2013-2014  session.The admission test committee  of Dhaka university has been published this schedule for those student who are going to admitted to into Dhaka university. This year Dhaka University undergraduate Admission test for session 2013-2014  will be started  on 1st November , 2013. […]

CSS Link Styling

Link  is an important element in web design. Link can be create by  HTML Link Code & can be modified by css link styling properties. Dear, reader here,i will discuss how to styling a  link by css property that will be helpful for your better experience in the field of css3. CSS Link : Link can be modified in […]

Example of Some IF else if and Else C programs

#A program to find smaller/greater number from a reference number #include <stdio.h> #include <conio.h> #include <math.h> int main() { int a; printf(“Enter an integer number\n”); scanf(“%d”,&a); if(a>20) printf(“Your value is greater than 20”); else printf(“Your value is smaller than 20”); getch(); return 0; } #A program to find the solution of the quadratic equation Like: […]

CSS Border Setting

CSS Border Settings is an another important subject in web design. with help of css border property we can easily setup a border around the content of a web page. Dear readers here, i will discuss about css border properties that will be helpful for your better experience in css. List of Major CSS Border […]

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