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HSC result publication 2015

HSC result publication 2015 This year HSC examination (HSC result publication 2015) was started on 1st April,2015. After long period of time the written part of the exam was finished on 2nd June,2015. The practical examination of HSC 2015 started from 15th June,2015 and will be completed within 25th June,2015. After the practical examination is […]

PHP Function

PHP Function is a powerful element in php programming. PHP Function provides a lot of facilities.Due to the PHP function a big problem seems to very easy to understand. About 700 built- in function are available in PHP. Dear learner here you can learn php function,how to declare & how to call(call by reference & […]

Data Types In C++

Data Types  which are important components in C++ programming. A variable that can only hold a data but data type defines what kinds of  data a variable hold. . without data  type a variable  have no value in c++ program. Dear reader, here I will discuss details about  c++ programming variable  that will be helpful for your learning c++  programming. Data Type In C++: In […]


List  is an important element in web design. HTML List can be used in various section  during design a web page. Dear  reader here,I will discuss how many types of List  item are exit in HTML and how to declare HTML List. I hope  that will be helpful for your better experience in the field of HTML […]

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