Health Tips-20

96. Skip the bacon and cheese. A bacon hamburger averages 250 additional calories than a clear hamburger—plus an honest deal additional saturated fat and steroid alcohol.

97. once buying onions, search for stronger­tasting varieties. The sturdy style and smell come from inhibitor compounds known as polyphenols, which can cut back the danger of cancer and other diseases. Western Yellow, ny daring, and Northern Red onions are highest in polyphenols. Shallots, tho’ milder in flavor, conjointly rank high.

98. Steam rather than boiling. Mineral loss is sometimes double as nice in poached vegetables as in steamed ones.

99. after you eat yoghourt or farm cheese, don’t discard the whey—the watery half that separates out and sits on prime. It contains B vitamins and minerals however virtually no fat. Stir the whey back into the yoghourt or cheese.

100. be careful for Japanese ramen (wheat noodles), prepackaged as a moment soup “lunch­in­a­mug.” they’re terribly high in fat as a result of they are typically dried by deep­frying in lard or oil. Another downside is that the high Na content of the attendant seasoning packet.