Health Tips-13

61. opt for condiments with wisdom. tomato ketchup and ready mustard are lowcalorie, low­fat flavor boosters—only fifteen calories per tablespoon—but they’re high in metallic element, with one hundred fifty to a hundred and eighty milligrams per tablespoon. build sodium­free mustard by combination mustard powder with water, vinegar, or milk. ready horseradish has 0.5 the calories and one­tenth the metallic element of mustard or ketchup.

62. If you’re making an attempt to slenderize, keep a daily food and activity diary. You don’t ought to track each calorie consumed or burned—just the act of writing down what you typically eat and the way much you exercise will encourage you.

63. build lower­calorie flapjack chips by baking contemporary tortillas at 400° F. for8 to ten minutes, or until crisp. you’ll be able to cut them into triangles before baking, or break them into chips after.

64. To preserve water-soluble vitamin, store fruit crush in an exceedingly tightly closed instrumentality at 40° F. or below. Whole, unpeeled oranges, however, hardly lose any water-soluble vitamin over time, since no chemical element comes in contact with the edible half. Even in an exceedingly day or 2 of hot weather, associate degree orange would lose less than 100% of its C. If you retain the fruit cool, it’d dry out or rot before it lost a significant quantity of water-soluble vitamin.

65. Don’t worry occasional. it’s been damned for everything from high vital sign to exocrine gland cancer, however in nearly each instance early analysis linking occasional or alkaloid to health issues has been refuted by higher ulterior studies. The apparatus has swung to this point that some researchers currently recommend that occasional may very well have health edges.