Health Tips-12

56. once reading menus, be careful for these terms, that are giveaways to high­calorie, fatty foods: creamed, crispy, breaded, à la king, croquettes, carbonara, parmigiana, meunière, tempura, fritters, fritto, Alfredo, au gratin, au beurre, batter­dipped, bearnaise, béchamel, and sauce.

57. Don’t assume that “natural” sodas containing potable are lower in calories than regular sodas. typically they really have additional calories—and solely a modest quantity of additional nutrients. If you’re attempting to chop calories, keep on with plain or flavoured seltzers, or combine them with juice.

58. attempt low­fat or fat­free tub margarines. Typically, low­fat tub margarin has solely two grams of fat and simply twenty calories per tablespoon, and nearly no heart damaging trans fat. customary stick margarine has eleven grams of fat and one hundred calories per tablespoon, and a lot of trans fat.

59. Don’t suppose that dry­roasted loony are considerably lower in calories than regular cooked nuts. as a result of loony are therefore high in fat to start with, cookery them in oil (read: frying) hardly makes a distinction. cooked loony absorb very little oil anyway.

60. to extend the quantity of iron your body absorbs from eater foods, consume foods and drinks made in antioxidant (such as orange, grapefruit, or tomato juice) along with your meals.