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Free Download Fast and Furious 7 “HD” Print

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  On- going the World exploits in the unstoppable franchise made on speed, “Vin Diesel”, “Dwayne Johnson” & “Paul Walker” lead the returning cast of “Furious 7”.  “James Wan” directs this chapter of the large successful series that also welcomes back favorites “Michelle Rodriguez”, “Jordana Brewster”, “Tyrese Gibson”, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Elsa Pataky and Lucas […]

Introduction of ACM ICPC and UVa Online Judge

Dear, learner  in this tutorial you can know details about acm ICPC or ACM ICPC and UVa Online Judge ACM-ICPC stands for(ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest) is an annual multi-tiered computer programming competition among the universities of the world. Who Organized it ? The contest is sponsored by IBM. Headquartered at Baylor University, with autonomous regions on six continents, […]

UVA Graph Problem Solution,uva-255, uva-315,uva-821,uva-10600

UVA Graph Problem Solution  are more difficult in UVa  Problem set but Graph problem are more important because most of the graph  problem are related  to real life problem. Graph problems are,Graph Traversal,Maximum Flow,Minimum Spanning Tree,Single-Source Shortest Paths ,All-Pairs Shortest Paths, Special Graph (Directed Acyclic Graph) & Special Graphs(Others). Here are the list of some uva Graph Problem Solution,uva-255, uva-315,uva-821,uva-10600 UVA Graph Problem Solution,uva-255, uva-315,uva-821,uva-10600   are […]

UVA String Processing Problem Solution

  UVa string processing problem solution  are related to string.String processing problem are  like:Cipher,Encode,Encrypt,Decode, Decrypt,Frequency Counting, Input Parsing,Output Formatting,String Comparison,String Matching,String Processing with Dynamic Programming. Actually some  String Processing problems are easy and can be solved by previous knowledge.  But be careful about time, space and special criteria when solving them. UVA String Processing Problem Solution : UVa: 488(Triangle Wave)

PSC, JSC result 2014 with Mark sheet

 PSC, JSC result tomorrow         Primary School Certificate Result 2014 will be published on 30th December 2014. By the Director of Primary Education this year PSC (Primary school certificate) examination was started from 20th November, 2014 and ended on 28th November 2014. PSC (Primary school certificate examination) is also known as […]

Data Structures and Libraries problem Solution

Data Structures and Libraries Problems  are more interesting to solve.These problem are are not easy but solvable.Some of the problems type Like: Basic Data Structures, Sorting-related problems, Static array, vector, bitset, Direct Addressing Table,STL stack,queue,STL priority_queue are the Data Structures problem With Built-in Libraries and also solvable. Generally most Data Structures and Libraries Problems  are easy and can be solved by previous

Computational Geometry Problem Solution

Computational Geometry Problem  Solution are less difficult then Graph problem  in UVa  Problem set. Geometry Problem are more important and interesting because most of the Geometry problem are related  to our previous geometric knowledge. Computational Geometry Problem: Points and Lines,  Circles, Triangles (plus Circles),Quadrilaterals, Great-Circle Distance, Other 3D Objects. Actually most Computational Geometry Problem are easy and can be solved by previous knowledge.  But be careful about time, […] © 2017