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Important keyboard shortcut For Adobe Photoshop

Dear all fans ,Today we will share an important post that is: Most Important keyboard shortcut For Adobe Photoshop .So memorized it as soon as possible and speedup your Microsoft office work and share among your friends. You can also See our others Important Vocabulary lesson : More Vocabulary Part-1 More Vocabulary Part-2 Top 20 […]

Temperature Converter

Temperature Converter is an essential software or program by which we can convert a temperature  form one unit to another unit. For Example: Celsius to Fahrenheit, Fahrenheit to Celsius,Celsius to kelvin & Celsius to Ranking. Dear learner, here I will discuss and give program code  that will convert Temperature from one unit to other unit: if you want to test it just copy & […]

Java calculator

Java Simple calculator or simply two number addition be java frame interfacing. This a  simple task done for just test or can update it by adding subtraction, multiplication and division function. I hope you will get pleasure by this simple java interfacing or  graphical user interfacing application. To run this application You have to follow  following […]

How to make a C sharp Calculator

C sharp calculator means the that calculator which is developed by C# language.C-sharp is a another powerful language among  all other programming languages. Now a days A lot of important software are developed  by c-sharp language. C# mainly work on .NET Frame work and provides a strong security that’s why it’s popularity is increasing day by day. Dear learner here,I will discuss & provide a […]

Age Calculator

Age Calculator or birthday calculator  is an application that can calculate our age that means how many years old you are now. Dear learner, In this tutorial I will provide a smart & new birthday calculator cause when you run it you must say wow! what an application it is? Because My birthday calculator can find what was the name of your birth day […] © 2017