Anxiety Prevention -9: My worrying is out of control

Another common concern for several individuals is that the belief that their worry is uncontrollable. Let’s try and challenge this belief below.

Firstly, try and consider a particular example of after you were terribly disquieted. Now ask yourself the subsequent queries.

Was the concern uncontrollable?

Did you are trying to prevent pondering it?

Did you finally stop worrying?

What happened to form you stop worrying?

Now have faith in your worrying usually. have faith in what it’s like once you are disquieted and anxious. Then raise yourself the subsequent questions:

Do you eventually stop worrying?

Can you consider times once one thing happened (i.e., the phone rang) that

interrupted or stopped the worry? What happened?

Can you consider times after you did one thing (i.e., turned on the television) that interrupted or stopped the worry? What did you do? Have you ever been booming at stopping worrying by distracting yourself?

Now raise yourself; what will this recommend regarding your management over worry? Do you still believe your worry is uncontrollable?

Controlled worry periods

We have incontestable that making an attempt to “just stop puzzling over it” doesn’t

work, and may really create worrying worse. a technique to combat the negative

effects of worry suppression is to introduce controlled worry periods. The idea

is to be told to put off your worry. this may provide you with a bigger sense of management

and facilitate worry quieten down intrusive in your life. Here’s what to do: