Anxiety Prevention -8: Managing worry


Worry could be a major drawback for several folks that complain of tension. If you are a “worrier” you’re probably to stress concerning scores of various things. you’ll realize that you move from one worry topic to subsequent. thus even though you manage to deal with one, you only move to a different. What we want to try to to is to grasp what keeps worry going. This appears to be one thing to try to to with what we have a tendency to believe concerning worrying.

For example, if you suspect worrying is useful you may still worry, and if you suspect worrying is unhelpful and probably dangerous, you may begin to worry concerning worrying. Let’s any explore our beliefs concerning worrying in the next section. we’ll discuss negative and positive beliefs concerning worrying.

Negative beliefs and thoughts concerning worrying Some folks are quite involved concerning their worrying. As mentioned on top of, in effect, they begin to stress concerning worrying. These worries are associated with beliefs concerning the negative effects of worrying. They typically be one amongst the

following categories:

I’m upset as a result of my worrying is “out of control”. you’ll have thoughts like – “I can’t stop worrying” or “my worries are progressing to take over and management me”. I’m upset that worrying is harmful. you’ll have thoughts like – “I could go crazy with worrying ”or “It’s not traditional to worry” or “If I keep worrying, i will be able to have a nervous breakdown”.

To find out if “worrying concerning worrying” could be a drawback for you, try asking

yourself the subsequent questions:

What is the worst that might happen if you still worry (or feel terribly anxious)? Do you assume worrying may damage you in some way? Is worrying a tangle for you? Can you stop worrying?

Beliefs and thoughts concerning the negative effects of worrying may be a serious difficulty for folks that struggle with high levels of tension. One reason for this is that these thoughts and beliefs result in any worrying, that ends up in increased anxiety and more worrying – yet one more regeneration. what is more, these beliefs and thoughts don’t seem to be useful and like several alternative worries, may be biased and exaggerated.