Anxiety Prevention -7: Managing your anxious thoughts

Anxious thoughts

You may have noticed that once you are anxious, you’re thinking that regarding things in an exceedingly different approach from once you are calm and relaxed. Normal, everyday things will seem threatening and nerve-wracking, and you {will} suppose that “everything will go wrong” or that you just are unable to cope. you’ll even end up thinking about things that didn’t wont to trouble you, like why your partner is 10 minutes late from work or whether or not that cough you have got is de facto a proof of a serious underlying unwellness. those that struggle with anxious thoughts tend to think that:

It is terribly possible that things can fail

When things fail, they’re going to go dreadfully wrong

When things fail, they’re going to be unable to cope

The approach you’re thinking that regarding things is extraordinarily vital in determinative however anxious you’re feeling, or perhaps whether or not you’re feeling anxious in any respect. think about the

following examples:

Example 1: Susan was awaiting her teen son Andrew to return home. He had secure to be home by hour. As hour thespian nearer, Susan began to have anxious thoughts regarding her son: Was he alright? What if one thing awful had happened? She may imagine horrific situations quite vividly. By the time it reached hour, Susan was feeling terribly anxious. As every minute passed without Andrew incoming home, her anxiety levels continued to rise. She became convinced that one thing awful had happened which she would be unable to cope. Andrew arrived home 10 minutes late and explained that he had dropped a devotee off on his approach home, that had control him up.

Example 2: Virgin Mary was awaiting her teen female offspring reproductive structure to return home. Like Andrew, reproductive structure had secure to be home by hour. once it reached 12 o’clock, Virgin Mary found herself inquisitive why reproductive structure wasn’t home nevertheless, which caused a pang of tension. She then reminded herself that reproductive structure had been a few minutes late on many occasions, which the standard reason was that she had to consider friends for a elevate home. Her anxiety levels born and he or she continued to browse her book.

As you’ll see Susan’s thoughts were terribly anxiety-provoking: She thought that something had terribly possible gone dreadfully wrong which she would be unable to cope. The a lot of anxious she felt, the a lot of anxious thoughts she had. She was trapped in an exceedingly vicious circle of tension. Mary, on the opposite hand, was able to suppose about a similar scenario in an exceedingly abundant less anxiety-provoking (and a lot of realistic)

way. Therefore, she managed to decrease her anxiety levels. The approach you’re thinking that about things incorporates a major result on however anxious you’re feeling. The impact of anxious thoughts on the emotions and physical symptoms of anxiety are clear. The trick is to interrupt the vicious circle between thoughts and anxiety. this will be done by considering things in an exceedingly a lot of realistic and constructive approach.