Anxiety Prevention -3: Managing the physical symptoms of hysteria

We suggest 3 ways to manage the physical symptoms of anxiety:

Controlled respiratory

Progressive muscle relaxation

Reducing alkaloid intake

But first, allow us to describe however your anxiety will have an effect on your respiratory.

People usually ‘‘over-breathe’’ once they are terribly anxious, which implies your breathing becomes shallow and quick. this happens because the fight-or-flight response prepares the body for work up. work up needs muscle strength and activity, and this needs additional gas to be wired via blood to the muscles. Of course, we have a tendency to additionally acquire gas through respiratory. When the fight-or-flight response is activated, respiratory becomes shallow and quick in order to induce additional gas into the lungs to start out making ready for physical exertion. This works okay, however as long as the body will become active and burns off the gas. If this doesn’t happen, the balance of gas and carbon oxide within the blood is discontinuous – an excessive amount of gas, not enough carbon dioxide. this is often not dangerous and therefore the body can correct the imbalance. In the in the meantime, however, there are some aspect effects:



Feeling faint

Tingling sensations within the hands or feet

Visual changes


Often, individuals create the error of making an attempt to breathe additional once they begin over-breathing, in all probability as a result of they concern they’re not obtaining enough breath.

The reality is that making an attempt to breathe additional or dyspneic for further breath can create the symptoms worse, not better. Again, it’s not dangerous to breathe additional, however it’ll result in temporary discomfort.

Controlled respiratory is a method to counteract the symptoms of over-breathing. you’ll simply learn to correct over-breathing by specializing in breathing gently and equally, through your nose, filling your lungs fully and eupnoeic slowly and absolutely. Controlled respiratory might sound simple, but it actually takes observe. victimization controlled respiratory effectively will facilitate decrease the physical symptoms of hysteria.