Anxiety Prevention -10: The problem with attempting to regulate your worries or thoughts

It is not uncommon for folks that have distressing or anxiety-provoking thoughts to do to suppress their thoughts. individuals attempt “not to think” regarding it, or to push the thought “out of their mind”. you’ll have tried this. If so, what did you notice? Did it work?

The answer to the current question is sometimes “no”. In fact, most of the people say that attempting not to have confidence one thing tends to form them think about it even more! The distressing thought becomes even additional intrusive.

It are often useful parenthetically now by doing the subsequent experiment:

For consequent minute, don’t have confidence a pink elephant. it’s vital that you don’t let the thought or image of a pink elephant inherit your mind. What happened? sometimes folks that do this experiment say that they’d difficulty not brooding about a pink elephant, or that a picture of a pink elephant unbroken sound into their mind. this is often as a result of attempting to not suppose about a thought causes you to have confidence it even additional. So what happens after you attempt to not have confidence a worry, or attempt to not suppose about one thing that may trigger a worry? It makes it additional probably that you simply will begin (or keep) worrying.