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Top 30 University Admission Test Date ,Time & Result of BD has been published

Top 30 University Admission Test Date ,Time & Result of BD has been published: A few days ago a Assembly ‘s Standing Committee and president of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr . mahabubor Rahaman Said . The meeting was held under the Chairmanship of Jahangir Nagar University by mahbubar rahamanVice-Chancellor Prof […]

Results of 191 SSC students change after Review in Chittagong Board 2015

Failed students have shot into GPA-5 after the Chittagong education board revised the results of 191 Secondary School Certificate (SSC) students following a re-evaluation of answer papers. The new results were published on the website of Board of Secondary and Intermediate Education, Chittagong, on Saturday morning. Exam Controller Mahbub Hasan said 22,523 copies had been […]

PHP array Declaration

PHP array Declaration .PHP Array  are  Special kind of variable  in PHP programming. PHP array that can hold a number of values on a single variable whereas other variable can hold only one value. That is an  important fact to use an array In PHP Programming. Dear learner here you can learn details about PHP […]

PHP Forms tutorial

PHP Forms tutorial.PHP Forms are used in HTML forms by two major variable Name: $_GET and $_POST.By using $_GET & $_POST We can retrieve a number of data form HTML forms. Dear learner here you can how to create a HTML Forms & how to it work with proper example. Example of HTML Forms: An […]

HSC result publication 2015

HSC result publication 2015 This year HSC examination (HSC result publication 2015) was started on 1st April,2015. After long period of time the written part of the exam was finished on 2nd June,2015. The practical examination of HSC 2015 started from 15th June,2015 and will be completed within 25th June,2015. After the practical examination is […]

PHP Function

PHP Function is a powerful element in php programming. PHP Function provides a lot of facilities.Due to the PHP function a big problem seems to very easy to understand. About 700 built- in function are available in PHP. Dear learner here you can learn php function,how to declare & how to call(call by reference & […]


SQL Select and Where Statement  are two vital command in structural query language. Purpose of Select  Statement :SQL SELECT statement is used to select data from a database and with help of where command you can see whole table or a specific column. SQ L SELECT Syntax: Syntax 1: select column_name  from table_name and Syntax 2:  select […]

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